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If you want us to paint at your party or event,
fill out the quote form and I'll get back to you ASAP!
** A small travel charge for over 20 minutes travel. See chart below  **
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denise's deluxe party

Best of the Best!! Deluxe face painting designs by Denise Cold, one of the top face painters in the USA.

Denise is one of the best face painters in the USA. These are her best face paint designs: Rainbow Fairies, Ice Princess, Rose Blossom Butterflies, Rainbow Unicorns, Full-face Tigers, Superheroes, Kitties and more! These are the faces that would cost  $25.00 -$35.00 at fairs and theme parks...but you don't have to wait in line! Choose this option if you have under 12 guests coming to your party.

(*See below for travel rates for your area.)

quick mix party

These quick face paints are still impressive and some of the best you've seen but can be done quickly so we can accommodate more guests.

Most popular choice!  They are a little quicker than deluxe designs at 3-5 minutes each but still impressive "wow" face painting. The menu is a mix of 1/4 face designs and mask designs ( ie: there is a full butterfly and superheroes on the menu.)  Choose this option on the quote form if you are planning on 20-30 guests.

 (*See below for travel rates for your area.)

2016-06-12 00.13.15.jpg
largest events 

With over a decade of face painting experience, not only is Denise one of the BEST face painters in the area, she's also the fastest.

If you are planning a big event with more than 30 guests, I need to use my quicker designs out so that I can paint as many guests as possible. I have to charge a little more because I will be painting at full speed and it's a little more stressful to keep track of who is next and end the line courteously. 


Ideal for family reunions, tailgaters, Quinceañeras, neighborhood HOA parties & company picnics. I will paint approximately 30 guests; up to 40 guests if I have someone helping keep the line moving. You can provide your own line manager or I can bring one for $25/hr

 (*See below for travel rates for your area.)

* time travel fee

0- 20 minutes included

21-30 minutes +$20

31-40 minutes +$30

41-50 minutes +$40

51-60 minutes +$50

airbrush face painting

Airbrush temporary Tattoos & face painting are fast and popular with all ages and are sweat and water proof. Great alternative for hot summer events, bouncy houses, water play or sporting events.

We offer airbrush tattoos, airbrush face painting and deluxe airbrush face painting with water resistant paints to our options and whenever we offer these they are a hit with all ages.


We can paint twice as many guests because we use stencils and depending on the complexity of the designs, we can paint about twice as many guests as traditional face painting so this is a great option for corporate events or free-to-public festivals. Get more information at:

We can also make custom stencils with your logo for corporate branding for a grand opening or employee event.  Just put in the comments you'd like a custom stencil quote. 

(*See below for travel rates for your area.)


Have both Denise & Jeff at your event! Invite us both and we'll give you a discount or bring a tent for free! ($50.00 Value)

We can combine amazing face painting and airbrush tattoos so you can have the best of both of our talents...face paint for the younger guests and airbrush tattoos for the teens and adults. You can have two airbrush artists with two complete airbrush kits for large crowds or when you have a short amount of time and many guests. You can combine airbrush with glitter tattoos for a pool party or when the bouncy houses don't allow face painting. Let us know on the quote form what you are planning and we'll find the best fit for your event.


(*See below for travel rates.)

glitter tattoos

Last 5-7 days. Truly waterproof and are a great option for water play, bouncy houses or very warm conditions.


For a small charge, you can have custom tattoos for branding your event.

Even MORE waterproof than our hybrid airbrush makeup, these will last a full 5+ days and need to be removed with alcohol or baby oil. No worry about bathing or water play. Because of this, they are perfect for bouncy houses or swimming parties that will decimate regular face painting.

Ask Denise about designing a special tattoo with your company logo or tattoos customized to your event for only a $50.00 design fee.

(*See below for travel rates for your area.)

We will travel up to 20 minutes from home for free. A travel charge will be added after that. I will put your address into Google Maps, the time of the party and the time from my home to yours will determine the fee range. Certain times of the day will add more time to the travel so you may want to plan your party AROUND high traffic congestion times. I live in north Charlotte in the Prosperity Church area.


I will give a travel discount for multi-hour (3+ hours) events or when you book two services. Fill out the inquiry form as completely as possible so I can adjust the bid accordingly.


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