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** Rates do not include travel time fee. Please see table below for time chart **
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denise's deluxe party

$200.00 for up to 12 guests

Deluxe face painting designs by Denise Cold, one of the top face painters in the world. When you want the best!

Denise is one of the best face painters in the world. These are her best faces with all the bells and whistles. Rainbow Fairies, Ice Princess, Rose Blossom Butterflies, Rainbow Unicorns, Full-face Tigers, Superheroes, Kitties and more! These are the faces that cost up to $25.00 at fairs and festivals...but you don't have to wait an hour in line!


Ideal for small parties where you want to have great photos and make memories for everyone. These parties are limited to 12 faces because of time needed to let the child choose colors, multi-layered designs, applying glitters and lip color and take photos. Up to 12 faces and will take about 2 hours. (*See below for travel rates for your area.)

2016-06-12 00.13.15.jpg
large party & events

$225 for two hours*

Recommended for up to 40 guests. Quick but impressive designs that will make your guests happy and get everyone in on the fun.

If you are planning a big party with more than 20 guests, I need to use my quicker designs out so that I can paint as many kids as possible (and adults that want to join in too!) I have to charge a little more because I will be painting at full speed and usually have to deal with cutting off the line without a line manager.


Ideal for family reunions, tailgaters, Quinceañeras, neighborhood HOA parties & company picnics. I will paint approximately 30 - 40 guests.

 (*See below for travel rates for your area.)

2021-09-11 13.18.19.jpg
quick mix party

$200.00 for large party up to 20 (Most Popular)

$150.00 for small party up to 10-12 guests

These small wonders are still impressive and some of the best you've seen but can be done quickly so we can accommodate more guests.


$300 for two hours*

Super-quick designs for up to 50 guests plus line manager. (Additional face paint artists or airbrush artist will be need to be added for larger crowds.)

Most popular options!  They are a little quicker than deluxe designs at 3-5 minutes each but still impressive "wow" face painting. The menu is a mix of 1/4 face designs and mask designs ( ie: there is a full butterfly and superheroes on the menu.)   

 (*See below for travel rates for your area.)

airbrush tattoos

$250 for two hours*

Airbrush Temporary Tattoos are fast and popular with all ages and are sweat and water resistant for sporting events or pool parties. Up to 75 guests in two hours.

When you are expecting a crowd and would like to offer free face painting, you need a professional that comes prepared for the unique dynamic. I have a limited super-quick design picture menu of proven designs that help me get through a line quickly. I don't take special requests that typically suck away valuable time.


I'm able to offer this service by having a paid line manager who watches for line cutting, helps guests chose before they get to the artist, and makes sure faces are clean and ready to go. This helps tremendously with moving the line quickly and also ending the line in a kindly and professional manner so tempers don't flare. 


Please let me know if you plan on over 50 guests and I will include more painters in the bid for $200 per two hours. You may want to add airbrush tattoos and service even more guests.

(*See below for travel rates.)

large party & events

We've added airbrush tattoos with water resistant paints to our options and whenever we offer these they are a hit with all ages, not just kids.


We have a menu of over 300 designs to choose from. Jeff can paint more guests than Denise can with face painting, over 60 guests in two hours.

We can also make custom stencils with your logo for corporate branding for a grand opening or employee event and paint even more guests.  Just put in the comments you'd like a custom stencil quote. (Included with 3+ hour bookings.)

(*See below for travel rates for your area.)

2018-01-16 18.54.38.jpg

Denise can come to your weekday charity event at a discounted rate. I cannot offer charity rates on Saturday or Sunday events.

photo booth

$100 Booking Add-On*

Social Media enabled photobooth with animated GIF option that can be customized with your event logo or information. Add onto any booking.

A fun way to get your guests involved and have a memento of your party or event. Add a photo booth to your party for just $100.00. We'll customize the information to match your event. Custom graphics can be created with your company logo and event name for a small fee.

(*See below for travel rates for your area.)

Charlotte is a large area metropolitan area of very generous non-profit organizations and charities. I cannot possibly paint for all non-profits for free but I am willing to work at a reduced rate with these "charity" criteria:


  • The event must be Monday - Friday or full rate "free to public" rate will be charged.

  • It MUST be for a good cause...a CHARITY event to help those less able or unable to help themselves.

  • The charity must be a 501(c)3 and provide documentation. Non-profit does not necessarily equal "charity" so I will be asking why you need a discounted rate.

  • The charity must provide a volunteer for the whole event to manage the line and take any monies if necessary.

  • Time travel fee will still be added to the bid.


* time travel fee

0- 20 minutes included

21-30 minutes +$10

31-40 minutes +$20

41-50 minutes +$30

51-60 minutes +$40

I will travel up to 20 minutes from my home for free. Over that, I will add a small travel fee. I will put your address into Google Maps, the time of the party and the time from my home to yours will determine the fee range. Certain times of the day will add more time to the travel so you may want to plan your party AROUND high traffic congestion times.


I will give a travel discount for multi-hour (4+) events. Fill out the inquiry form as completely as possible so I can adjust the bid accordingly.