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If you want me to paint at your party or event,
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What clients have to say...

In addition to her artistic abilities, she is a very kind and patient professional. She made every child feel special and never rushed their design decision, nor her time spent working with them. I would love to have Denise at another party in the future and will highly recommend her to others.

Lisa T.



We hired the Painted Party to come to our HOA Fall party and out of a dozen carnival themed booths for the kids to go to the only line was the face painting line. She is quick with the kids so the lines move fast and she is really good. I recommend her to anyone. We will have her back for sure.

Eric F.



She took her time with each of the kids, especially the birthday girl which was very happy with her face design! Denise is incredibly talented and that is able to show through her designs and technique. The designs were fun, colorful, short yet very detailed. Will be inviting her again. Super pleased! 

Monserrat R.



My son absolutely loved it specially when she painted his face with the character that he wanted and all of the kids had an amazing time. And if i were to do it again i would sure get them to do it again.

Daniella H.



We had Painted Party come and do and event for our organization. They came and did cheek art and glitter tattoos. The kids loved it and we loved that they were able to customize their designs to the theme of our event. They are affordable and high quality face painters. 

Sydney M.


She was so friendly to the kids, she did amazing full designs and was so fast at them it amazed me. My three daughters were all smiles and in fact at the end of the night I was getting my two year old ready for bed and she threw a fit that I was taking her pretty face paint off. I would most definitely use the Painted Party again. Thanks so much Denise for making this event more memorable for our Angels.

Trixie H.



We were so happy with Denise from Painted Party, the pictures were amazing, she was quick and very friendly with all our kids. I have had many people ask me who did out party because they were impressed. Thank you again and look forward to using your service again.

Rachel G.



We hired this face painter for our son's third birthday party and she was a hit! She was very professional and extremely nice. We will definitely hire her again for future parties.

Gina H.



I hired Denise for my 3 year old's safari birthday party and she did an amazing job painting all the cute animals. The face painting was such a huge hit and worth every penny. I hope to hire her again in the future! 

Holli P.



A picture is worth a thousand words! These are photos from actual Painted Parties!
2015-09-10 18.56.43.jpg
2016-07-07 14.50.49.jpg
jewish_center (4).JPG
2021-08-07 13.25.04.jpg
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